After consultation with Northlawn’s Admin team, church leadership from the Midwest District, the Conference, Michigan Area Bishop David Bard, and the Kent County Health Departmentwe have made the decision to suspend In-Person worship through at least Sunday, January 17, 2021. The Admin team will reconvene on Monday, January 18 to survey the situation and make a decision concerning moving forward.

We will be moving back to exclusively online worship at 9:45 am each and every Sunday for the time being. Currently, the service is Live Streamed to Facebook at 9:45 and then posted to Vimeo and the Church website in the early afternoon. We are also working to provide other options to worship with the church LIVE on another platform for those without Facebook. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

If you are unable to worship with us in person for any reason, please know that your presence and worship online is VALUABLE. You can worship with us live at 9:45 am at OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND THEN AT NOON ON OUR VIMEO PAGE. You can also connect with our most recent sermons and services by clicking on our MESSAGES page.

ROMANS 5:1-5 speaks to the reality of suffering and the perseverance that can come out of it. All of these can point to a hope found in Christ Jesus. Our world, our community, and our church have been witness to the suffering, the inconvenience, and the perseverance that is required in a time such as this.

I want to personally encourage you to do your part to slow the spread of this virus and continue to grow in your faith through discipleship, worship, and fellowship in new and creative ways. God is far greater than anything the world can offer, including the virus, and we have been given the constant presence of the Holy Spirit to bind us together and work through and in each one of us.

In perseverance, faith, and hope of things yet to come,

Peace Be With You in the Storm,

Pastor Zach